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Forced to go to a Dairy Fair

So my mother thought it would be lots of fun to trick me to go to a dairy fair. She oh so sweetly told me her boyfriend was playing and that we’d only be there for two hours at his gig. Her boyfriend then tells me later that it’s a DAIRY FAIR and he was surprised I was going at all. My sister has now informed me we are NOT staying for two hours but until roughly MIDNIGHT….from 1pm.¬†

It is because of reasons like this that I have a dislike for my mother. She always yelled at me as a child if I didn’t tell her something or slightly stretched the truth. So, due to my veganism and wanting to get back at my mother who will be there with me all day I think I’ll quickly make a shirt that says this:


I am usually against such aggressive tactics. It is my preference to engage someone in conversation and debate in what seems like a warm and welcoming environment, BUT I figured I could make an exception for my sweet and loving mother.

Anyway, wish me luck and perhaps my mother will think twice before trying to trick me again like that.


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